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Sanity & Success

Jan 9, 2022

Our guest and my good friend, Fallon Rice Scott left Corporate America and her job as a CPA for a Fortune 100 company and pivoted to direct sales and network marketing. After rising to the top of her company within 2 years, she then pivoted to creating her own agency.


A  CPA. A visionary. An advocate of freedom and sustainability. 


She embraced uncertainty and vulnerability to survive and be on top of her game. This episode will cover how she managed to pay down a $240k student loan in debt and got her dream wedding and honeymoon debt-free. We dive into the changes she had to make mentally and spiritually in order to navigate the shame that can be associated with debt, the MLM industry, and then transitioning to traditional entrepreneurship. 


“God knows where you need to be. God knows what you need before you need it. God burst so much purpose out of pain it pushed me to this super uncomfortable place that he was able to use. God can take all and will take all of your experiences to create something new for you to do for somebody else's and make an impact, a difference in people’s lives.” - Fallon Rice Scott. 



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