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Sanity & Success

Nov 28, 2021

How to plan for the new year in a way that feels intentional, and how to develop a system to make better decisions. Decisions that are based on what you want out of a situation and not just because of the situation that you are in. Designing a life that you’re proud of, a life that aligns with your values. 


Nov 21, 2021

You’re not burnt out, you’re unfulfilled. 

If you are feeling burnt out, there is probably a mismatch between your work environment, your desires, and your expectations. This can be as an employee or an entrepreneur. 

Your burnout is rooted in resistance because you’re holding on to things that you don’t want to...

Nov 16, 2021

If you are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, if you've been personally victimized by social media apps, if you're trying to figure out Facebook ads, and all of the things, this is definitely the episode for you. You probably have a voice in your head telling you that you need to do more and you probably want to stop...